Our Products
Novel's products are a synthesis of the most advanced technology, in analog planning and in micro-processors (DSP) based
power systems.

Novel manufactures the following systems:

We supply comprehensive formations for medical, automotive, airborne and solar systems.
Our products measure up to the following standards: Mil-std461, Mil-std1275, Mil-std704, ISO and more.

Novel Power Systems develops custom power systems.

some of the products are presented in the list below:


  • Wide input 12V - 36V isolated 3.6V, 5.6V 70W.
  • Input 18V - 32V to 28V, 5VA, 5VD, (-15V), (-60V), 320W.
  • Input 18V - 72V to 50V 50W
  • Input 9V - 34V to 12V 30W

  • Pocket defibrillator
  • Power source for CO2 laser for dental treatments.
  • MRI Current Driver

  • wide input 12V input to 28V 860W.